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The versions of Video Maker listed below are available for download in a self-extracting, self installing executable format.  There are no separate Demo versions, the full product versions can be used for evaluation purposes.

After downloading is complete:

  1. Run the .EXE to start the Setup process.
  2. Security Keys are provided with all purchased software.  If you have a key, attach it when prompted.  Otherwise click Skip.  

The first time Video Maker is run, you will be prompted for a Release Code.
You may select Register Later and be restricted to the Demo mode of making short videos of five frames only until you contact us for a Release Code.   

Download Items

  1. Video Maker (Legacy x86 Setup Version 1.72 - 2.3 MB)
  2. Video Maker (32 and 64 bit Installer Version 1.72 - 12 MB)
  3. Sample Files (1.1mb)

Getting Registered

To obtain an evaluation Release Code, submit the Certificate Number from Video Maker's Registration Dialog to us, and we will email back a demo Release Code.

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