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The primary use of high speed imaging is to capture images of a rapidly occurring event that can later be viewed one image at a time to reveal action too fast for the eye to see.  Often the time of each image relative to some global moment during the event is of great interest.  Whether comparing the same view of a related series of events or multiple views of a single event, the Video Viewer can position the corresponding images from several recordings to a given event time.  The Video Viewer, a feature reduced version of the Video Maker, can also copy still images to other applications and display and edit recording properties, including titling, timing, and camera information.

With the Quick Measure add-on, you'll be able to collect and scale data points directly from your video images.   The Signal Graphing option plots your sensor data alongside your video clips for synchronized viewing.

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Key Features

  • Concurrent time synchronized viewing of multiple AVI files
  • Master Time slider, time zero, single step, and playback controls
  • Looping playback controls
  • Resizable image displays with frame, time, and cursor readouts
  • Clipboard copy-as-DIB support
  • Title, Timing, and Camera information display and edit



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Single User License VV-00-1

$    179


$    279

Unlimited User Enterprise License*


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