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Video Maker is an advanced 32-bit multithreaded application designed to download, color process, sharpen, and compress images to an MAV or AVI file in a single overlapped operation.  Multiple video files can be created simultaneously from as many imagers or image file documents as your computer can handle.

Image qualities are previewed and adjusted prior to saving using simple image processing controls.  Finished compressed AVI format files are produced simply by clicking Save.  Downloaded directly from an imager or from TIFF or Bayer files, all images are processed in the same intuitive way, without depending on any other software applications. 

With the Quick Measure add-on, you'll be able to collect and scale data points directly from your video images.   The Signal Graphing option plots your sensor data alongside your video clips for synchronized viewing.

Best of all, the MAV and AVI video clips produced by Video Maker can be freely viewed by others using standard media players or our sharable Video Viewer.

Visit our Download Area to receive an evaluation copy of Video Maker.

Obtain a Release Code for a version of Video Maker you have already installed.

Imagers Supported (KODAK and EKTAPRO trademarks of Eastman Kodak Co.)

  • Kodak EKTAPRO HG Imager, Model 2000 via Ethernet or Bayer files
  • Kodak EKTAPRO RO and via Ethernet or Bayer files
  • Kodak Motion 'Corder SR via TIFF files or IMAQ Video Capture
  • Kodak EKTAPRO Model 1000 HRC/HR via TIFF or Bayer files
  • Kodak EM 1012 and HS 4540 via GPIB download or IMAQ Video Capture
  • NTSC/PAL video sources via National Instruments IMAQ Video Capture cards

Key Features

  • Fast, one step conversion from source to compressed AVI file
  • Slider controls for brightness, contrast, color, and sharpness
  • Sharpening filter mask display
  • Click-and-Correct color balance with programmable color palette
  • Real time preview of converted images
  • Scroll/pick preview of any image within range to be converted
  • Simultaneous conversion from multiple imagers or files
  • Full Windows Multimedia Compression support
  • Simple database interface for titling and presentation
  • Direct imager attachment with record/stop and control panel
  • Supports National Instruments GPIB-ENET Ethernet-GPIB adapter
  • Concurrent time synchronized viewing of multiple AVI files
  • Master Time slider, time zero, single step, and playback controls
  • Looping playback controls
  • Resizable image displays with frame, time, and cursor readouts
  • Clipboard copy-as-DIB support
  • Title, Timing, and Camera information display and edit

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